FFmpeg is one of the best software programs for handling all types of multimedia data from simple videos to complicate multi-stream multimedia files. It contains a lot of components to transform, convert, mix, extract and process multimedia files including converting videos from one format to another, changing parameters, filtering the results and many other multimedia operations.

In this section you can find all FFmpeg related content, including various tutorials to perform the most common operations with this software.

Latest articles tagged with ffmpeg

Convert a video into an animated GIF using ffmpeg

In this article we show you how to convert any video to an animated GIF file format. As a result of this process we obtain an animated GIF, which is a video format of lower quality than other formats, besides occupying much more space. However, they have the advantage of being supported by virtually all devices and browsers, and they are massively used in sites like forums or other participatory sites.

Use ffprobe to obtain information from video files

This article will show you how to get information from any media file (video or audio) using ffprobe tool. With ffprobe you will get a lot of information from the file and you will also be able to get the information in a format that will be easy to read from anoother programs -using JSON, or XML- 

Extract images frame by frame from a video file using FFMPEG

In this article we show how to extract frames from any media file containing video. You can use it to extract every one of the frames of a video, or to extract a single frame that you can then use as photo or as a video summary.

FFMPEG common uses for video file manipulation

In this serie of articles we will be reviewing some of the possible operations with ffmpeg. With ffmpeg we can manipulate video files, gather information from video files, convert video between, extract part of video from files and many other operations.