FFmpeg is one of the best software programs for handling all types of multimedia data from simple videos to complicate multi-stream multimedia files. It contains a lot of components to transform, convert, mix, extract and process multimedia files including converting videos from one format to another, changing parameters, filtering the results and many other multimedia operations.

In this section you can find all FFmpeg related content, including various tutorials to perform the most common operations with this software.

Latest articles tagged with ffmpeg

Cut videos using FFMPEG

In this article we show you how to cut videos using FFMPEG tool

Concatenate videos using FFMPEG

We show you how to merge various video files concatenating one after other

FFMPEG commands

Quick reference guide of FFMPEG operations

Crop a video using FFMPEG

In this article we will show you how to crop a video file to given dimensions using ffmpeg.

Convert videos to MKV using FFMPEG

In this article we will show you how to convert any video supported by FFMPEG to a video file in MKV format using FFMPEG command-line tool, and how to use some of the different encoders that can be used with this container.

Create an image index file for a video

In this article we will create an image index file from a video. This file will be an image which contains various thumbnails from the video, so it can help the user to search for the part of video that he wants to see.

Changing the resolution of a video using ffmpeg

In this article we show you how you can change the resolution of a video file to downsize it, or to change it to a size that is suitable to your needs. I also teach you to handle the different options for not maintaining the same aspect ratio (or width-height ratio)